Secret Call

Dungeon madness.

Iki-chan has the coolest dungeon ever. "You hear the sound of engrish in the distance."

I escaped from the Dungeon of Kriatyrr!

I killed Naiad Kitty the owlbear, Gekkou Hayate the leprechaun, Dr Nebula the dragon, Dorbell the leprechaun, Lordnikon9 the rat, Famous the fire elemental, Xiayin the fire elemental, Eyeoftheheart the gelatinous cube and K3y the troll.

I looted the Crown of Antimerus, the Shield of Final Fantasy, the Shield of Devosama, the Wand of Facing Reality, the Sword of Nagamori, the Sceptre of Jpop and 307 gold pieces.

Score: 407

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Karin Ep 2

This ep is more interesting that I thought it would be. It seems that in this show each vampire is attracted to some emotion in people and likes to drink the blood of those people. When they drink blood they also take that emotion from the person. You'll have to watch to find out what emotion little Karin is taking.

Here is Karin's older brother. It seems he does care about his sister, but he also teases her quite a bit. I think I'll like him.

It seems the other main character the transfer student has a talent for seeing everything the vampire family doesn't want him to see without being noticed. So far he doesn't understand what he's seeing though. It does add an interesting element to the show.
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A bit of a review of ep1 of 'Karin'

This show is about a girl named Karin that isn't quite ordinary. She is a vampire as are all the members of her family. Despite this fact she can go out in the daytime and she goes to human high school.

The one on the left with the purple hair is Karin and the other one is her best friend at school.

On the first day a new transfer student appears. This is a pretty common theme in anime I've noticed. Karin apparently has some sort of connection to this student.

Here is the new student.

In this show it seems they do show vampires sucking people's blood but it isn't something that ends up being creepy like a horror show. This show is more lighthearted and funny.

No real harm seems to be done to the man, and he even gets his memory of the event erased.

This is Karin's younger sister and her strange talking hand puppet. It seems that her sister is always looking out for her despite being the younger one. Her sister is a bit creepy, but doesn't seem evil or terrible.

These are her parents. They are silly characters that seem rather frivolous to me. I doubt they will loom very large in the overall story.

Karin also has an older brother who has not appeared yet.

I think this show has some potential to be good. Karin is amusing and the main character is the one that usually makes or breaks a series. I think it will all depend on how interesting the real story of what is going on is. Karin's little sister makes a good supporting character too. If her older brother is as good that will certainly help.
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